Monday, December 13, 2010

Hello there!

Hi there world, its been a long time. Well, you see I had lost interest in blogging for quite some time. But after some inspiration from here and there, I have started yet again. Lots of things have happened since I last blogged. I have visited places and met people whom I should have met much before. Anyway, I feel frustrated right now. Things are not going on too well. Not in my life though, I shall always be intrinsically happy even if I shed a drop or two. Its about the people around me. They are becoming increasingly irritable and frustrated. But why? Just because others talk behind their backs? That doesn't make sense at all! Everyone is entitled to have their own opinion and there is absolutely no harm in expressing that.

And why should someone show their frustrations on others? It will continue like a never-ending cycle then. I do not think I will ever understand some people. Probably I am not meant to also. But I never realize why I am in the middle of everything even if there is zero contribution to any controversy from my side! Whatever, I don't get the point at all. I guess there's no method to this madness. So to each his own...