Sunday, November 8, 2009

'By Jove!'

Trembling due to the cold,
Watching the stars very old,
Sat Billy Bow,
Feeling a little low.
Wondered he, “Why is this world so full of fear,
Filled with fear are the voices I hear?”
With no one to reply to his question,
He came to a conclusion of juxtaposition.
Said he, “The combination of irrational thoughts and superstition overlapped,
That is how fear in the mind is mapped.”
He wondered again, “What is it then,
That creates unhappiness in the minds of men?”
He convinced himself it was a creation of the mind when there were thoughts naught,
Just then an old man came and said to him, “No my son, it is the product of over-thought”
Billy asked the old man, “Father, how did this world come about, the world which in the universe is like a cove?”
To this the old man replied, “By Jove, this world is a manifestation of God’s love!”