Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What will happen if you have nothing to say?

There would definitely be numerous times in your life when you forgot what you had to say. Be it a speech or a recitation, one can recall those times. Most of the times we feel scared or embarrassed when we forget to say something. But what wuold happen if you had nothing to say? Would you try to speak or would you accept defeat and step down? Of course, these are the times when you have to make an official presentation or speech. But what if you had nothing to say to your friend or your special one? Does that mean that you have understood each other so much that you have nothing to talk about? In most of the cases the answer would be yes. But for such a situation to occur it would need a lot of emotional and mental closeness. The only way the answer to the question in the post can be derived is by looking deep inside yourself. Let your soul be the mirror of your life. But do remember that defeat and escape cannot be a permanent solution to any problem.