Monday, March 9, 2009

A change can mean so much sometimes...

As I listen to 'Kaise Mujhe' from Ghajini which describes how a man met a lady who changed his whole life, I reflect upon the changes that happen to us. Some happen so suddenly that we cannot take stock of what has happened and thereby lose our mental balance. It may be a loss of job, a break-up or even a lottery win - Changes can be good or bad. But most of the time they end up making our lives better. For example, my life has changed so much from last year to this year. At first I felt really low. I had lost my best friend. I was trusted by no one. I, who had been the good girl all the way. I felt that I was being thrust in a vortex where I could not come out from. But today, when I reflect upon those events, I realise I have gained more than what I have lost. I have gained the thought that my life is mine and no one else's and that I will not be dictated by anyone on how to live my life. I was a reserved person before, who depended on other people to speak for me. But now I have learnt to speak for myself. Most importantly I have learnt to accept my mistakes. Wherever I am now is because of myself and I am happy, actually very happy. Life has taught me its lessons at a young age(I am only 14). I have loved and lost. But I do not feel bad. Change was highly necessary in my life. But only after it came did I realise how important it had been for me to get out of the rut I had been living in. Now I feel free, I do things my Inner Child wishes to do. All this while my Other had curbed from relishing those magical moments. What I would like to say to the people out there is, Don't lose heart. Whenever change comes into your life it can be as calm as the river and as destructive as a tornado. Whatever might be the change we must accept it and learn how to live around that change.