Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sunshine Follows The Rain

Gloominess falls over the moor,
So much that I cannot see it from my door.
I see only darkness, darkness everywhere.
People are lying motionless without even a strand of hair moving out of place,
They are looking upwards and cannot see their own face.
But I live in the hope, that
Sunshine shall soon follow the rain.

Everyone's lost their precious and see themselves lost soon too,
But, I see myself as a witness to this and and as a survivor too.
They see this as a reason to run away,
I see this as a chance to prove myself and stay.
The days soon tide over and very few are left,
I see myself among the ones not bereft.
I am cheerful and happy, even if I witnessed the worst
I thank the Almighty for not sending me to the devil's horst.
The dark days are now over,
The Sun has taken over.

And yet I was not wrong in believing
That sunshine follows the rain.